*Orison Music Catalog*

Quinn, Ecstasy in Avila, The Solemn Vow, Chasing Silence, Beneath the Quiet, Ensoul, Becoming, secrets from the whisper dome, Midway to Midnight, The Seduction Serenades, Everything Fell Silent, So That I May Live, Tales of the Glistening Skin, The Abstrusian Dream, Pax Intrantibus, Depictions of Wu, First Comes Abigail, Gothington Harrow, Smitty the Sleuth, From Where The Beauty Hides, Spiritropolis, Quidditopia, A Flourishing Finish or from the Orison Music Library (Above the Storm)


1. Quinn - 1994 (In A Perfect World featured in the short film Father, winner at the Damah Film Festival and the Saboath Int'l Film Festival in Milan for Best Short. Sacred Revelation, The Crown of Life and Autonomous featured in and on the soundtrack to the movie Silent Trigger - 1996)

2. Ecstasy in Avila - 1996 (Ecstasy in Avila featured on the compilation cds Elevation II, Respirar II and Tribal Dreaming - 1996)

3. The Solemn Vow - 1998 (Modern World Opera Ballet)

4. Chasing Silence - 2000 (Acedia - The Noonday Demon featured on the soundtrack to the Academy Award winning film Crash called Crash music from and inspired by the film - 2005)

5. Beneath the Quiet - 2003 ('Best of 2003' list at Backroads Music and The Winds of Evenfall included on the television show The Black Donnellys)

6. Ensoul - 2004 (Stand By The River With Me featured in the movie Americanese, The Great Unfolding featured on the television show Friday Night Lights and A Simple Kind Of Life featured on the compilation cd Luna)

7. Becoming - 2007 (Recorded and Mixed in Hamburg, Germany, St. Petersburg, Russia, Lyon, France, Maine and Capitol Recording Studios (The famous and histroicalRoom A), Hollywood, California)

8. secrets from the whisper dome - 2007 (Soundtrack to and imaginary movie)

9. Midway to Midnight - 2008 (In rotation on the radio program, Echoes)

10. The Seduction Serenades - 2010 (Recorded exclusively with acoustic instruments in a minimalist approach, drawing inspiration from French Cinema, Erik Satie, Edgar Degas and the movie The Painted Veil)

11. Everything Fell Silent - 2010 (Features ten stellar performances from thirteen incredible guest artists. An expedition in emotion that explores the rise and fall of the human condition)

12. So That I May Live - 2011

13. Tales of the Glistening Skin - 2013 ("Excuses" played on Kcrw radio in Los Angeles, and featured on a cd compilation).

14. The Abstrusian Dream - 2014 (A filmscore to a dream)

15. Pax Intrantibus - 2015

16. Depictions of Wu - 2016 (Five stunning sonic odysseys, each over ten and a half minutes long, that gracefully merge the music, art and culture of China, into a Western, cinematic and pop landscape).

17. First Comes Abigail - 2017 (Soundtrack to the W. F. Quinn Smith Film, First Comes Abigail)

18. Gothington Harrow - 2018 (3.18.18) (Soundtrack to the W. F. Quinn Smith Film, Gothington Harrow)

19. Smitty the Sleuth - 2018 (7.19.18) a record based on a detective’s cases, with songs from point of view of the detective, witnesses and criminals.

20. From Where The Beauty Hides - 2018 (10.20.2018) - Dreamy Instrumental Record

21. Spiritropolis - 2019 - A twenty-eight minute danceable, vibey, cinematic, ambient, meditative and auditory stream of consciousness, consisting of instruments Quinn made, invented and modified. You’ll hear voices and instruments from all around the world, as well as sounds and instruments you’ve never heard before.

22. Quidditopia - 5.22.2020 - Quidditopia is Quinn’s 22nd solo release, and features other worldly guitars, soundscape piano, evocative vocals, driving drums, salvaged percussion, ethereal choirs, and dance floor synths, that will take you on a mind bending, atmospheric and blurry rich, hazy odyssey.

23. A Flourishing Finish - 7.23.2020 - A Flourishing Finish is Quinn’s 23rd solo release and was written entirely in Quarantine. It’s a danceable, positive, hopeful, funky celebration that will empower you and bring you to A Flourishing Finish.

The following is most up-to-date listing of pieces from Quinn's CDs and from the Orison Music Library.

Quinn   1994 - ASCAP/Mysterion                     

1) The Crown of Life
2) Sacred Revelation
3) In a Perfect World
4) The Prophecy
5) These Four Walls
6) In Reverie
7) Autonomous
8) All Alone
9) Lotus
10) Bardo Thodol

Quinn (Credits)

Ecstasy in Avila  1996 - ASCAP/Mysterion       

1) Peace and Equality (Siochain Agus Ionannas)
2) Ecstasy In Avila
3) Sacred Revelation
4) The Crown of Life
5) In a Perfect World
6) The Prophecy
7) In Reverie
8) These Four Walls
9) Autonomous
10) Lotus
11) Sacred Revelation (Radiance - Dance Re-mix)
12) All Alone
13) Ecstasy In Avila (Reprise - Ambient Mix)

Ecstasy in Avila (Credits)

The Solemn Vow  1998 -

Act 1

1) The Solemn Vow (Tus)
2) Prayer to the Guardian Angel
3) The Struggle Within
4) Act of Hope
5) The Seat of Life
6) Secrets of the Soul
7) Out from the Shroud of Darkness
8) The Enduring Flame
9) The Path of Desire
10) Weigher of Souls
11) Contrition
12) Penance
13) Words of Absolution

The Solemn Vow  
1998 - ASCAP/Mysterion       

Act 2

1) Marana
2) The Awakened Spirit
3) The Workers of Iniquity
4) Threads of Life
5) Sin of Envy
6) The Seduction of the Shadow
7) Stains of Sin
8) Prayer of Quiet
9) The Spiritual Marriage
10) The Solemn Vow
11) Eternal Life

The Solemn Vow (Credits)

Chasing Silence
 2000 -

1) Widow's Walk
2) A Glimpse of You
3) One More Lifetime
4) My Dearest Torment
5) Without Your Love
6) Acedia (The Noonday Demon)
7) The Mercy of the World
8) I Am Yours
9) I Will Believe
10) More Than This

Chasing Silence (Credits)

Beneath the Quiet
 2003 -

1) A Long Desire
2) The Trellis
3) Evelynn
4) Jivana
5) Silent Moretta
6) Letting Go
7) The Winds of Evenfall
8) Metanoia
9) All Within a Whisper
10) Holi Hai
11) My Secret Yearning
12) The Meliorist

Beneath the Quiet (Credits)

 2004 -

1) A Simple Kind of Life
2) Shine
3) The Great Unfolding
4) Trancedelic Haze
5) Silence Interrupted
6) A Wayfarer's Dream
7) I Will Wait for You
8) Can You Feel It
9) Stand by the River with Me
10) Days of Darkness
11) He Walked the Streets Alone
12) That Day

Ensoul (Credits)

 2007 -

1) What Have We Become
2) Amaranthine
3) Inamorata
4) Only Peace
5) To All The Unheard Souls
6) The Impressionistic Life
7) Through Open Doors
8) Something Was Missing
9) Home Again
10) You Are My Life
11) When Everything Is Hard
12) The First To Fall
13) Wonderland - 1910
14) A Moment In The Sun
15) You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone
16) Looking Back
17) The Promise of You

Becoming (Credits)

secrets from the whisper dome 2007 -

1) the uncovering
2) folding in
3) rising
4) schemata
5) the encounter
6) the amuleta incident
7) with crystalline eyes
8) reminders
9) revealing the truth
10) escape on the night train
11) the returning

secrets from the whisper dome (Credits)

secrets from the whisper dome (Story)

Midway to Midnight
2008 -

1) Things Once Held Dear
2) Because Of You
3) As I Recall
4) Immersion
5) The Constant Goodbye
6) With A Conflicted Heart
7) Before I Go
8) As Time Stood Still
9) O To Be With You
10) The Abandoned Night
11) Lost Moments
12) The Balancing Act
13) The Seven Nights Of Long Pauses
14) And Then There Was Hope
15) Eyes Now Open
16) Thin Black Lace
I Think It's Over

Midway to Midnight (Credits)

The Seduction Serenades 2010 - ASCAP/Mysterion    

1) A Darkling Diversion
2) Farthingale and the Night Before
3) She Wears the Night
4) Le Conseil de L'Amour (The Hint of Love)
5) Soubrette's Last Dance
6) Such is Love
7) Aporia Daily
8) A Two Minute Love Affair
9) The Romanticist
10) What Once Was

The Seductions Serenades (Credits)

Everything Fell Silent 2010 - ASCAP/Mysterion    

1) When You See Me...
2) I'll Never Forget You
3) I Am Lost
4) Recover Me
5) All The More Reason
6) One More Try
7) From Whence We Came
8) The Theory Of Shadows
9) Madras
10) If Only For A While

Everything Fell Silent (Credits)

So That I May Live 2011 - ASCAP/Mysterion

1. In the Blood
2. Basque in Tangerine
3. Lessons of Life
4. Quickens the Ardor
5. Cages of Crinoline
6. Le Café Rouge
7. The Broken Soul Society
8. The Haunted Scale
9. The Flinting Muse
10 Crevice, Corner and Stone
11. Cognidis
12. Unclew

So That I May Live (Credits)

Tales of the Glistening Skin 2013 - ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Call Me Crazy
2. Liar
3. Lay Me Down
4. A Better Friend
5. A Monster Waking
6. Do You Remember
7. Excuses
8. Hour Goodbyes
9. Listen To The Fog
10. Soul Creature
11. All My Life
12. When The Heart Says No
13. Long Way To Go
14. If You Keep It Up
15. One In A Million
16. Nothing I Can't Do
17. The Story Of A Broken Heart
18. The Summer Of Our Lives
19. Your Someone Is Out There

Tales of the Glistening Skin (Credits)

The Abstrusian Dream 2014 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Cortege
2. Graithen Adroit
3. Eidolon's Rise
4. The Vestal Plight
5. The Haunted and the Holy
6. Ambuscade
7. Retribution Day 
8. Quelling The Harrying Ghosts
9. Emergere
10. All Is Forgiven

The Abstrusian Dream (Credits)

Pax Intrantibus 2015 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Black Hemlock
2. Chamber Claws
3. Deadly Nightshade
4. Drosera's Lure
5. Hellebore
6. Hither And Hollow
7. Lost In The Bracken 
8. Meditari
9. Metaprayers

11. Nimitta Shines
12. Purple Devil
13. Shaping The Dark
14. Vacivity Ruins
15. Vesperation

Pax Intrantibus (Credits)

Depictions of Wu
2016 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Carry On
2. Falling Backwards
3. Grain Of Sands
4. I Want You Again
5. The Wooden Dragon

Depictions of Wu (Credits)

First Comes Abigail
2017 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Hotel Efette
2. Sister Joseph
ine's Deadline
3. The Desert Decision
4. Abigai
l Deshone
Verba Vivere
6. St. Margaret's
A Flower in the Sun

First Comes Abigail (Credits)

Gothington Harrow 3.18.2018 ASCAP/Mysterion


Gothington Harrow (Credits)

Smitty the Sleuth 7.19.2018 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Consolation
2. Fallen Angel
3. Gallop
4. I’ve Got the Feeling It’s You
5. Indicia
6. Mama Don’t Cry
7. Never Let Them Break You Down
8. Not This Time
9. Shadow’s Closing
10. Shake My Side
11. The Great Escape

Smitty the Sleuth (Credits)

From Where The Beauty Hides 10.20.2018 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Are You Sleeping, Unaware?
2. Fallen Petals
3. I’ll Be Lying Next To You
4. Invisible Mending
5. Latent Luminescence
6. Softening The Edges
7. The Magicalarium
8. The Maiden Of Lost Love
9. Upon Reflection
10. Variant Shadows

From Where The Beauty Hides (Credits)

Spiritopolis 8.21.2019 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Spiritropolis - 28 minutes







Spiritropolis (Credits)


Quidditopia 5.22.2020 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. Quidditopia - 31 minutes

Quidditopia (Credits)


A Fourishing Finish 7.23.2020 ASCAP/Mysterion

1. A Flourishing Finish - 29 minutes

A Flourishing Finish (Credits)


Orison Music Library - Above The Storm  (Exclusive Orison Music Library Pieces) 2003 - ASCAP/Mysterion

1) She Winters
2) Jati
3) Sudden Light
4) Just Moan
5) Between Dreams
6) The Spell of Thy Kiss
7) Fear
8) Sweet Rain
9) Mercy on Me
10) Julianna


My Grave Mistake - 2016

Film Compositions  - ASCAP/Mysterion

1) The Saving Rain (From the film Subdown)
2) The Tears of Truth (Written for the film Gattica-8th Day)

Quinn Collaborations

Peter Bradley Adams, Nels Andrews, Nia Andrews, India Arie, Phillip Bailey, Nathan Barr, Aras Baskauskas, Eric Bazilian, Shannon Beaty, Didi Benami, Tony Berg, Craig Bicknell, Chaka Blackmon, Tchad Blake, Susannah Blinkoff, Thomas Bloch, Kat Maslich-Bode, Angela Bofill, Ann Marie Boscovich, Marchelle Bradanini, Michael Brook (Academy Award Nominated Film"The Fighter"), David Buckley, Scarlett Burke, T Bone Burnett, Jamie Candiloro, Belinda Carlisle, Mara Carlyle, Ben Carroll, Kim Carroll, Julian Casablancas, John Cate, David Cavalier, Tracy Chapman, Tanya Chau, Badialy Cissoko, Tena Clark, Annie Clements, Paula Cole, Quincy Coleman, Judy Collins, Josh Cooke (fo), Katie Costello, Marshall Crenshaw, Daft Punk (RAM - 5 Grammy Awards), Fyfe Dangerfield, Jeff Danna, Mychael Danna, John Debney, Bill Deasy, Rebekah Del Rio, Donna De Lory, Mark Dignam, Craig Eastman, eastmountainsouth, Nathan East, Kiki Ebsen, Joel Eckels, Todd Edwards, Dave Eggar, Elizaveta, Nicole Eva Emery, Rich Evans, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), John Fogerty, Liz Foster, Karima Francis, Mitchell Froom, Chris Garcia, Djivan Gasparyan, Lisa Germano, Rob Giles, Jimmy Giuffre, Seth Glier, Girish, Rosi Golan, Kathleen Grace, Kina Grannis, David Green, Guillemots, Aristazabal Hawkes, Lili Haydn, Ty Herndon, Holand-Dozier, James Hood (Mood Swings), Jesca Hoop, Brian Hughes (Loreena McKennitt), Ice-T, Rich Jacques, JASPR, Justin Jones, Sada Sat Kaur, Nuala Kennedy, Jamie Kent, Milini Khan, Tim Krueger, Patti LaBelle, K.D. Lang, Ang Lee, Little and Ashley (Annie Little, Marcus Ashley), Andrew Lockington, Lera Lynn, Lori Lynner, Sara Lov, Billy Manzik, Willy Mason, Cherif Mbaw, Michael McDonald, John Medeski, Josh Meltzer, Blake Mills, Abra Moore, Alissa Moreno, Giorgio Moroder, Allie Moss, Alexi Murdock, Rodrigo Navarro, Meshell Ndegeocello, Nova Blue, Rick Nowells, O.A.R, Judith Owen, Heitor Pereira, Owen Plant, Melissa Polinar, Tara Porter, Tristan Prettyman, Punch Brothers, Amy Raasch, Aaron Radzwiloicz, Julliana Raye, REM, Steve Reynolds, Tim Robbins, Robbie Robertson, Abba Roland, Haroula Rose, Peirson Ross, George Russell, Joey Ryan, Rachael Sage, Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon), Lisbeth Scott, Robbie Seidman (Beat Hotel), Eden McAdam-Somer, Tracy Spencer, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, Sqew, U. Srinivas, Rene Stahl, Snow and Voices (Lauri Kranz and Jebin Bruni), Garrison Star, Steel Wheels, David Steele, Dave Stringer, Ben Taylor, Shannon Michael Terry, The Days (Skyler and Dalton Day), The Front, The Lost Coast, Thomas Jefferson's Aeroplane, Pearl Thompson (The Cure), Christopher Tin, Jeremy Toback, Lindsay Tomasic, Christopher Tyne, Amritha Vaz, Maria Vidal, Gina Villalobos, Voices of Van Gogh (John Cate, John Durrill and Scarlet Rivera), Kanye West (Yeezus - Grammy Nominated), Mary Ashley Whisenhunt, Andy White, Dar Williams, Harry Gregson Williams, Paul Williams, Vesta Williams, Shanice Wilson, Shanti Wintergate, Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers), Kori Withers, Lauren Wood

Film, Television and Commercials: Myth (Disney ~ Frozen Short), Lady and the Tramp, Onward, The Addams Family, Daybreak (Netflix), Atomic Blonde, Suicide Squad, Guest of Honor, Red Sea Diving Resort, A Dog's Way Home, The Dome, The Siege of Jadotville, Only the Brave, The Greatest Showman, The Breadwinner, The Son, Storks, The Good Dinosaur, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, The Town, The Fighter (Oscar Nominated), The Big Wedding, Silent Trigger (Composer), Sub Down (Composer), Waitress, Elizabethtown, India: Kingdom of the Tiger, True Blood, Camelot (Starz TV), The Today Show (Performer), The Tonight Show (Performer), Conan O'Brien (Performer), Tavis Smiley (Performer), The Roseanne Barr Talk Show (Wrote the theme song and show music), Six Flags Magic Mountain (Composer), Singapore Airlines (Composer), Lifetime Television (Composer Station ID's), UPN (Composer Station ID's), ProSieben (Composer Station ID's), CSI (Promo Composer), Millennium (Promo Composer), Friday Night Lights, Culturelle Kids TV Commercial (Composer).